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Joe Sugarman and the Ad Week Copy Writing Handbook

Joe Sugarman is widely regarded as one of the best copy writers ever. You've gotta admit, he has a great name for it. His long form copy ads sold millions of products and made him very wealthy. On top of that he has written several books on how to write effective copy and engaging content. His book The Adweek Copy Writing Handbook is a best seller on Amazon and goes over 17 of his writing axioms.

You can read more about those axioms and improve your own writing here:

You don't have to be a smooth talking Don Draper wannabe to write good copy. Like anything else it just takes practice. After reading Sugarmans' book I decided to write at least one ad a week. So each week I write an ad for a different product and then the week after that I edit it. Short or long copy, it doesn't matter as long as you write something.

I highly recommend reading any of Sugarmans' books and trying to apply those axioms to your own writing. One of the best ways I have seen these tips applied is in a cover letter. Alysia Lewis wrote this amazing cover letter advertising her skills as a copy writer and made waves across the advertising industry. You can read more about her story and check out her cover letter here.

What will you use these copy writing tips for? How will you improve your writing with this advice? Let us know in the comments below.



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